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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did You Hear That?

A good salesman is a good listener. Now we find ourself in a delicious soup of networks (or it can be), in which we can engage in conversation after conversation, and develop many new relationships in the process. Many of us like to write, but how many of us take the time to read everyone else's comment?

As I explore this vast terrain, I'm discovering a trend. People like to be heard and they appreciate honest feedback. There is so much noise out there, many people crave the simple attention that says, "I read your comment and...(agree/disagree/offer this observation, etc)."

This post is about an article I read yesterday about Essential Listening Tools, for this game of social media marketing. First of all, Kevin and I describe what we do as helping clients communicate their values, which we think will get them customers sooner than simply talking about their products. So we're cautious about the term, social media marketing. But those are just words and people understand what you're talking about if you call it that. So I will introduce my thoughts about some of the tools mentioned and provide my view of their value. Many of you are much more experienced and I will cherish your thoughts.

1. Google Alerts. Targeting keywords for research is a no brainer and the technology couldn't be simpler. Three words...Thank you Google. Very kind of you. Every day I get a steady stream of emails which link me to articles and blogs. Does anyone have other thoughts about something better or can you point out any negative things to know about Google Alerts?

2. Technorati. I submit this in second place, along with the authors same order, as an appeal to experienced technology users who have found the strength or weakness of this search engine. My gut tells me it will serve us well because we need to explore our inner geeks. We like to think of ourselves as artists, but helping clients will require that we flex our tech muscles. Tracking, bookmarking, report writing, data analysis--clients love that stuff. Don't they?

3. Lexicon. I mention this one in third place to say I'm not too impressed. I spent some time there yesterday and it seems weak to me. Lexicon is a free ap from Facebook. In principle the idea is sound, but phrase after phrase, I kept drawing a blank. Can you fill me in about whatever I'm missing? I'll owe you one!

4. Radian6. I did a webinar yesterday with these guys and this is mucho coolo (bad English, not to be confused with mispelled Spanish for Big Butt). All I can say is we will certainly offer Radian6 technology for clients, whether we turn them on to the service and they do the legwork themselves, or we use it as a tool. As the author reports--Radian6 pulls information from the social Web, and analyzes and provides consumer sentiment ratings for your brand. Seems pretty expensive but worth it for clients that do enough volume.

5. Tweetburner. This last one I'll stick in here just to whet your appetite. There are many tools for filtering and monitoring the Twitter chaos out there. You tell me, what works, what is good value and what to avoid.

This is already longer than originally planned. Please come again and sit a spell. My promise is to be back in touch with you in less than 24 hours, so to me.
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  1. The article you mention is definitely a tremendous resource. Thank you for sharing the article and also giving us a shout out!

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

  2. Thanks Lauren for your comment. I look forward to personally using the Radian6 technology and working with your team. I'm also interested in how to broaden this conversation so we all learn how to help each other. Any thoughts and suggestions, including other consultants and services will be much appreciated!

  3. There are a few of the sites/tools that I find invaluable for listening to what is happening around us.

    1. - Great for when you need to search the Twitter fire hose on any particular issue.
    2. - Simple and easy to use Google search for blogs.
    3. - Very useful to find out what is trending in Google search.
    4. Tweetdeck - Fantastic twitter/facebook/linkedin tool that allows you to monitor the keywords you want/need to without having to visit an external site. - I love this site as it shows me what the most popular content being passed around on twitter currently is

    Thanks for the post, I hadn't looked into Radian6 yet and may do so now.

  4. Thanks Chad. These are great suggestions. We appreciate your feedback!