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Friday, July 2, 2010

Art, Life and a billion users

OK. Yours truly has been up since 3 am. Our opening of the Gallery is tonight, in Springield, MO, as part of First Friday Art Walk. If you're in or near Springfield, you'll want to come catch the party! Here's the stats:

Mike Bleil, from the soon to be open Big Mike's Crab Shack and Pizza in Nixa, Mo will be on hand personally dishing out the grub. Mike is no shoemaker when it comes to food. He is a graduate of the famed Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY (my alma mater--that's right folks, the boy can cook). Mike has been around the block and works like a demon but the man knows his food. Come check out the kitchen we've set up to serve outrageous hors doeurvres! Pizza off of bricks in a make shift oven, with all fresh ingredients, hand made dough, sauce and GOOD cheese. Seafood quiches (hand made of course) in light and flaky pastry cups, stuffed shrimp from the Gulf (Mike will be talking about his environmental vision for the Gulf and how he is learning to be green on a daily basis in the restaurant). Oh and don't forget the classically made chocolate truffles, European style and hand rolled, then dusted with cocoa. Yum.

Sangria (made by your host) will be served by the pitcher full, perfect for a lovely summer evening.

How did we get here and whose art will be seen? Glad you asked! Last night at about 5 pm I was still fussing with a hot water heater that is blowing a circuit. We've rerouted the electrical with conduit, knocked holes in the walls (yes we were making holes in the walls and running power yesterday!!!!) and the stupid thing has water everywhere and I'm still confident that you'll have hot water to wash your hands with by 6 PM today!

Our windows were decorated by an amazing artist--THANK YOU KRISTI!!!. Believe it or not the concept for those windows came together by about 10 PM last night. I bought the funky furniture from a flea market yesterday, which I had spotted last week. Kristi is doing this while still working a regular work schedule, all within less than 24 hours. The window displays themselves will be a feature of the show. What a gas. You'll have to come see them.

Featured show art Juli Cady Ryan and her beautiful acrylic paintings will no doubt steal the show. I finished hanging her 22 pieces last evening by around 9 pm. Here are a few of her works on exhibit:

Also as part of the show, which is appropriately called Wit and Whimsy, local Springfieldian artist Carla Stine's works, including her stunning color series, seen here:

will be on exhibit.

Work of our own associates, Kevin Richardson and photographer Brannon Estis will also be displayed, as well as a few other works from local artists.

I'll be around to show off what I've been raving about, this new genre which I'm convinced will storm the art world, called Social Media Artist Revolution. I'll be bragging about some of my expermental blogs, including my beloved Children of Zol and other various flavors of my insanity.

Now to talk about Social Media issues a little and to get your impression.

In this morning's Social Media Today ezine, there was an article about Facebook getting to a billion users. That is a big number. We hear about thousands of gallons of oil leaking into the gulf, about hundreds of millions of dollars disappearing from the economy, about scazillions of poor people living on a dollar a day, etc, but Facebook getting to a billion users is no easy feat! But the writer of the article thinks it will happen and also thinks we should each get paid to finish our profile--like Five bucks or so.

Naturally, all of this will help Facebook make tens of billions of dollars, but shoot man, why not? We're connected in ways we couldn't dream of. I met Juli, our featured artist on Facebook! and she lives like a thousand miles away! My friend Fawaad lives in Pakistan and we talk weekly on Skype because he is an associate and now works for my company. We met on Facebook! And the guy is becoming a brother, even though we are separated from dozens of obstacles, not the least of which Pakistan is in enormous upheaval, most people in America think they're all terrorists and times are tough everywhere. But you think we have it rough, you ought to try making a go of having a successful business in a region which has bombs and gunfire going off non-stop!

Anyway, here is the full article about Facebook getting to a billion--

Read the article here.

Don't forget to let us hear from you. This is after all called the ART OF THE CONVERSATION. Read yes, but talk back and let me reply.

Come to the show tonight if you can and if you're reading this after you've been to the show, provide your feedback. We'll pay you....

Well maybe not like in real money. But we'll think of something!
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1 comment:

  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a fantastic showing. Sad about the pictures though. Looking forward to reading your 'after action report'