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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name

Many people are discussing the sweet smell of success. Whether you're in business selling widgets or new construction, whether you're an employee for a major corporation, a non-profit seeking funding, a political campaign or a small business entreprenuer--we all hope that the cash registers will be making that beautiful music again, which we simply pronounce...ching ching.

Social Media Marketing is widely discussed. But it has many names. Facebook now has more than 400 million users and new applications everyday. Twitter continues to add value to a marketing campaign, if the marketer is savvy enough to uncover the leads by cleverly finding keywords that will lead to consumers and supporters.

But did you know that software tools may be the most important component to an integrated marketing communications plan? Even without understanding how they work, everyone already benefits by software of social media. Google is very social. Facebook works on huge data entry fields and dissemination.

We like to build special software packages for our clients so that using all the elements of dozens, even hundreds of social mediums can be done efficiently, spontaneously, timely and within a given budget. Space doesn't allow me to explain this simply but imagine having an interface which exposes your business to all social mediums in one place and your workers can operate the system while other service providers can also assist if you so desire.

Why not call me today for a test drive. You can decide if the idea stinks or smells as sweet...
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