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Friday, March 19, 2010

Five Ways to Use Social Media for Business

This is a paraphrase of a recent article by John Jantsch in Social Media Today. For the whole article go here

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1) Follow up with prospects

The suggestion is instead of following up with a call or email to someone you just met at a luncheon, to add them to LinkedIn and send them an article pertaining to something you were discussing and show them how to create a custom RSS feed for their business to get tons on information about their industry.

2) Stay top of mind with customers

Several suggestions from recording a video about a customer experience and uploading it to your YouTube channel to blogging about a customer experience were mentioned.

3) Keep up on your industry

Subscribing to industry blogs, using Google Reader and Google Alerts to using paid services such as Radian 6 and Trackur were mentioned.

4) Provide a better customer experience

Here he mentions industry tools and this one in particular called Central Desktop

and last but not least:
5) Network with potential partners

Here John talks theory about building a strategic partnership strategy. We hope you'll join us at our strategic partnership network called Interactive Social Media Discussion Board

This has been a tremendous asset for us and it can be for you and your business too!
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